IVR GURU White level IVR reseller service Provider

A cloud based Virtual PBX phone system offers an easy and more economical method to manage your business telephone system. Since a cloud PBX functions over internet instead of a physical phone line you save on hardware and maintenance costs. When you want to move workplaces, change site or add new operators, you don't have to care about setting up new hardware, as everything is done via an online admin portal.

Power Packed Features


Mobile app

Technology has made it easier for people to access anything on internet via mobile phones by inventing smart phones.



No fake notification, no spam calls. With IVR you can rest assured of these things.


Track call

With IVR Guru, you can track all your calls in an efficient manner. You can track th call details like no., date, time etc.


Call Recording

We also provide the facility of getting the call recorded so that the owner can check out all the calls attended by the executives.


Control call

IVR Guru enables the client to have full control of the systems.


Call Analytics

IVR Guru uses a set of call management tools to assess & measure the performance and optimize the handling of leads.

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